List of investment firms:

M Ventures

M/C Partners



M25 Group

M33 Growth

Maan Ventures

MaC Venture Capital


MacAndrews & Forbes

Macanta Investments

MacDonald Ventures


Machan Investments

Macnina Ventures

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio

MadDog Ventures

Madison Dearborn Partners

Madison Parker Capital

Madrona Venture Group

Madrone Capital Partners

Magic Johnson Enterprises

Maiden Lane Ventures

Main Line Equity Partners

Main Post Partners

Main Street Capital Corporation

Main Street Capital Holdings

Main Venture Fund

Maine Center for Enterprise Development

Maine Technology Institute

Maine Venture Fund

Mainsail Partners

Mainspring Capital Partners

Malloy and Company

ManchesterStory Group

Mancini Companies

Mangrove Equity Partners

Manhattan Venture Partners

Manhattan West

Manifest Investment Partners

Maniv Investments

Manoa Innovation Center

Mansueto Office

Mantra Investment Partners

Mantucket Capital

Manulife Investment Management

Maranon Capital

Marbella Interests

Marc Bell Capital

March Capital Partners

Marco Capital Group

Marcus & Millichap

Marcus Investments

Marcy Venture Partners

Mark Cuban

Mark IV Capital

Mark VC


Marker Hill Capital

Marlin Equity Partners

Maroon Venture Partners

Marshall Street Capital

Martin Babinec

Martin Ventures

Martinson Ventures


Marwit Capital

Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE)

Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS)

Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

Maryland Venture Fund

MASA Life Science Ventures

Mason Wells

Mass Medical Angels

Massachusetts Capital Resource Company

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center


MassMutual Ventures


Matchstick Ventures

Material Impact

Mateva Capital

MATH Venture Partners

Mathile Family Enterprise

MatlinPatterson Global Advisers

Maton Ventures

Matrix Capital Management

Matrix Partners


Matthew Pritzker Company


Maumee Ventures

Maven Ventures

Maverick Capital

Maverick Ventures



Mavin Ventures

Max Ventures

Maxim Group

Maxim Ventures

May River Capital

Mayfield Fund

Mayo Clinic Ventures

Mayport Venture Partners

MB Venture Partners

MBF Capital Corporation

MBF Healthcare Partners (MBF)

MBX Capital

McCarthy Capital

McCombs Enterprises

McCullen Capital

MCG Capital


McKesson Ventures

McKinney Capital

McLane Group

MCM Capital Partners

McNair Interests

McNally Capital

McNamara Family Ventures

McRae investments

MDA Venture Philanthropy

MDC Ventures

Meakem Becker Venture Capital


MedEquity Investors

Medical Excellence Capital

Medical Technology Venture Partners

Medici Ventures

Mediphase Venture Partners

Medley Partners

MedMountain Ventures

MedTex Ventures

MedVenture Associates

Mehta Ventures

Meidlinger Partners

Melville Management

MemorialCare Innovation Fund

Memphis Bioworks Foundation

Mend Medical

Mendoza Ventures

Menlo Ventures

Mentors Fund

Mercato Partners

Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Mercury Capital Partners

Mercury Fund


Mergenet Solutions

Merida Capital Partners

Meridian 105

Meridian Management Group

Merion Investment Partners

Merit Capital Partners

Meritage Funds

Meritech Capital Partners

Meritus Ventures

Meriwether Capital

MERK Capital

Merlin Nexus

Merrick Ventures

Merrimac Corporation

Mertal Family Partners

Merus Capital

Mesa Verde Venture Partners


Mesirow Financial


Metalmark Capital

Metapoint Partners

Method Capital

METRIX Capital Group

Metro Global Ventures

Metropolitan Venture Partners

Meyer Family Enterprises

Meyer Ventures

MH Capital Partners

MHR Fund Management

MHS Capital

Miami Angels

Michael Jordan

Michaelson Capital Partners

Michelson 20MM

Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund

Micron Ventures


Mid Atlantic Bio Angels

Mid Atlantic Fund

Mid Oaks Investments

Mid-America Angels

Mid-Atlantic Angel Group

MidCoast Capital

Middle East Venture Partners

Middleburg Capital Development

MiddleGround Capital

Middleland Capital

Middlemarch Partners

MidMark Capital

Midwest Mezzanine Funds

MIG Capital

Mighty Capital

Mighty Equities

Migration Capital

MiLA Capital

Milestone Partners

Milestone Venture Group

Mill City Capital

Mill Road Capital

Mill Town Capital

Millennium Pioneer Ventures

Millennium Technology Value Partners

Miller Group

Milliways Ventures

Mills & Partners

Milton Street Capital

Mimosa Tree Capital Partners

MindCoin Capital


Mirador Capital

Miraki Innovation

Miramar Venture Partners

Mirasol Capital

Mischief Capital

Mission Bay Capital

Mission BioCapital

Mission Ventures


MissionPoint Capital Partners

Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MsET)

Missouri Technology Corporation

Mistral Equity Partners

MIT Alumni Angels of Boston

MIT Alumni Angels of Northern California

Mitchell Family Office

Mithril Capital Management

Mitsui Global Investment

MizMaa Ventures

MK Capital

MML Capital Partners

Mobility Ventures

Moderne Ventures

Moelis & Company

Mogility Capital

Mohn Family Trust

Mohr Davidow Ventures

Molex Ventures

Moment Ventures

Momentum Equity Partners

Momentum Venture Management

Monarch Collective

Moneta Ventures

Mongo Holdings

Monitor Clipper Partners

Monogram Capital Partners

Monomoy Capital Partners

Monroe Capital

Mont Vista Capital

Montage Capital

Montage Ventures

Montague Street Private Partners

Montcalm Capital

Montgomery Capital Advisers

Montgomery County Business Innovation Network

Montis Capital

Montlake Capital

Montreux Growth Partners

Montrose Lane

Monument Advisors

MooDoos Investments

Moonshot at NACET

Moonshots Capital

Moore Strategic Ventures

Moore Venture Partners

Morado Venture Partners

Morgan Brook Capital

Morgan Creek Capital Management

Morgan Noble

Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital


Morgenthau Venture Partners

Moriah Group

Morningside Group

Mosaic Capital Partners

Mosaik Partners

Mosaix Ventures

Moshir Venture Partners

Mosley Ventures

Mossrock Capital

Motivate Venture Capital

Motive Partners

Motley Fool Ventures

Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Motorskill Venture Group

Motus Ventures

Mount Independence Investments

Mount Royal Ventures

Mount Wilson Ventures

Mountain Group Partners

Mountaineer Capital

Mountaingate Capital

MountainStar Partners

Mousse Partners

MPE Partners

MPG Equity Partners

MPI Corp

MPK Equity Partners

MPM Capital

MRL Ventures Fund

MS Ventures

MSouth Equity Partners

MSP Equity Fund

MSPAlliance Angels Network

MTECH Ventures

Mucker Capital


Mugar Enterprises

Muir Station Capital

Muirwoods Ventures

Multiplier Capital

Murano Group

Murchison Capital Partners

Murphree Venture Partners

Muse Family Enterprises

Musea Ventures

Mutual Capital Partners

MVC Capital

MVM Partners

MVP Capital Partners

MWW Ventures

Myrian Capital

Nagel Family Office

Najafi Companies

Nakash Holdings

NALA Investments

Nanban Ventures


Naples Technology Ventures


Nasdaq Ventures

Nashville Capital Network

National Grid Partners

Nationwide Ventures

Natural Capital Management

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

Natural Gas Partners

Nautic Partners

Nava Ventures

Navigation Capital Partners

Navigator Partners

NaviMed Capital

Navitas Capital



NCK Capital


ND Development Fund


Nebari Ventures

Nebraska Angels

Nebraska Global

Necessary Ventures


Neotribe Ventures

Nest.Bio Ventures

Net Effect Technologies

NetWork Kansas

Network Ventures

Neu Venture Capital

Neuberger Berman

Neva Capital Management

New Atlantic Ventures

NEW Capital Management

New Capital Partners

New Dominion Angels

New Enterprise Associates

New General Market Partners

New Ground Ventures

New Hampshire Innovation Research Center

New Heritage Capital

New Horizons Venture Capital

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

New Kent Capital

New Leaf Venture Partners

New Magellan Ventures

New MainStream Capital (NMS)

New Markets Venture Partners

New Mexico Angels

New Mexico Community Capital

New Mountain Capital

New Orleans BioInnovation Center

New Orleans Startup Fund

New Rhein Healthcare Investors

New Richmond Ventures

New Science Ventures

New Silk Route

New Stack Ventures

New State Capital Partners

New Vantage Group

New Venture Partners

New Voices Fund

New World Angels

New York Angels

New York Digital Health Innovation Lab

New York Life Ventures

New York Ventures

Newark Venture Partners

Newbury Ventures



Newport Coast Investments

NewRoad Capital Partners

NewSchools Venture Fund

NewSpring Capital

Newstone Capital Partners

NewView Capital

NewWorld Capital Group

Nex Cubed

Nexit Ventures

Next 10 Ventures

Next Chapter Holdings

Next Coast Ventures

Next Frontier Capital

Next Level Ventures

Next Play Ventures

Next Sparc


Next World Capital




NextView Ventures

Nexus Venture Partners

Neyer Holdings Corporation

NFP Ventures


NGEN Partners

NGP Capital

NGP Energy Capital Management

NGP Energy Technology Partners

Nicholas Negroponte

Nicolet Capital Partners

Nidus Partners


Nimes Capital

NIN Ventures

Nine Four Ventures

Ninth Street Capital Partners

NMT Capital

Noble Capital Markets

Nokia Growth Partners

NOLA Angel Network

Nolan Capital

Noname Ventures

Nonami Investments

Noosphere Ventures

Noro-Moseley Partners

North American Funds

North Atlantic Capital

North Bay Angels

North Bridge Venture Partners

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

North Castle

North Coast Angel Fund

North Coast Technology Investors

North Country Angels (NCA)

North Dakota Department of Commerce

North Hill Ventures

North Iowa Business Incubator

North Island

North Mississippi Enterprise Initiative

North River Capital

North River Group

North Shore InnoVentures

North Texas Angel Network

North Texas Enterprise

North Woodmere Capital

Northcreek Mezzanine

Northeast Indiana Innovation Center

Northern Light Venture Capital

Northgate Capital

Northleaf Capital Partners

Northpond Ventures

Northwell Ventures

Northwest Capital Appreciation

Northwest Technology Ventures

Northwestern Mutual Capital

Northwood Healthcare Partners

Northwood Ventures

Nortlane Capital Partners

Norwest Equity Partners

Norwest Mezzanine Partners

Norwest Venture Partners

Norwich Capital Partners

Norwich Ventures

Norwood Venture Corp.

Noson Lawen Partners

Notation Capital

NovaQuest Capital Management

Novartis Venture Funds


Novel Growth Partners


NSV Wolf Capital

Nth Power


NueCura Partners

NuFund Venture Group

Numenor Ventures

Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship

NV Investments


NYBC Ventures

Nyca Partners

NYU Innovation Venture Fund

NYU Tandon Future Labs

O'Brien Capital

O'Shaughnessy Ventures

O2 Investment Partners


Oak Hill Capital Partners

Oak Investment Partners

Oak View Group

Oakhouse Partners

Oakland Capital Management

Oakland Capital Partners

Oaktree Capital Management

Oakwood Medical Investors


Obvious Ventures

OCA Ventures

Ocean Azul Partners

Ocean Road Advisors


Oceanpine Capital

Ocelot Capital Management

Ocho Capital

Octane Capital Management

October Capital

OCV Partners

Odyssey Investment Partners

OFS Capital

OFS Energy Fund

Ohio University Innovation Center

Ojai Goliad

Okabena Company

Okapi Venture Capital

Oki Developments

Oklahoma Equity Partners

Oklahoma Life Science Fund

Old Line Capital Partners

Old Mountain Company

Old Willow Partners

Oliver Investments

Olympus Partners

Olympus Ventures

Omega Capital

Omega Funds

OMERS Private Equity

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Technology Ventures

Omninet Capital

Omphalos Venture Partners

On-Line Ventures


One Better Ventures

One Earth Capital

One Equity Partners

One Rock Capital Partners

One Thousand & One Voices

One Way Ventures

OneTeam Ventures

OneValley Ventures


Onondaga Venture Capital Fund

ONSET Ventures

Open Field Capital

Open Prairie Ventures

Open Water Ventures

OpenAir Equity Partners

OpenGate Capital

OpenView Venture Partners

Operations & Capital Partners

Operative Capital

Operator Partners

Operator VC


Optum Ventures

Opus Capital


OrbiMed Advisors

Orchard Holdings Group

Orchard Ventures

Orchestra Medical Ventures

Oregon Investment Fund

Oregon Venture Fund

Origami Capital Partners

Origin Partners

Origin Ventures

Originate Ventures

Orison Capital

ORIX Growth Capital

Orlando Healthcare Ventures

OS Fund

Osage University Partners

Osage Venture Partners

Osceola Capital Management

OSF Ventures


Otter Capital

Ouabache Investments


Outcome Capital

Oval Park Capital


Overture VC

Overwater Ventures

Ovo Fund

OW Management

Owl Capital

Owl Creek Partners

Owl Rock Capital Partners

Owl Ventures

Oxeon Partners

Oyster Angel Fund

Oyster Ventures