PE  Gladstone Investment Corporation

     Office Locations:

1521 Westbranch Road, Suite 100
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: 703-287-5800
Fax: 703-287-5801

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  • Communications & Networking
  • Energy & Clean Tech
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Media & Digital Media
  • Sports & Entertainment



    Gladstone Investment (Nasdaq: GAIN) is a publicly traded buyout fund that buys small and mid-sized United States businesses in partnership with the management of those businesses and other investors. When Gladstone buys a business, it provides financing for the acquisition including senior debt, subordinated debt and equity. Gladstone also makes junior subordinated and mezzanine loans as well as preferred stock investments in small and mid-sized businesses that are being purchased by other investors. Investments in these companies are usually expected to be between $3 million to $20 million. Gladstone can pay cash for a business or purchase all the stock of the business with a tax free swap of its common stock. The firm's goal is to pay shareholders monthly cash dividends. Investments in these companies usually are expected to be from $3 million to $30 million.



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    Investment Firm Key

       VC = Venture Capital
       PE = Private Equity
       A = Angel
       I = Incubator
       MB = Merchant Bank
       VD = Venture Debt
       FI = Family Investment Office
       FOF = Fund of Funds
       ED = Economic Development Office   
       TT = Technology Transfer Office
       CVC = Corporate Venture Capital
       SEC = Secondary Purchaser
       HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund
    Venture Capital
    Seed Stage
    (includes "pre-seed," or
    concept stage)
    No Revenue
    Early StageMinimal
    Growth Stage
    (also called Mid-stage)
    Expansion Stage
    (also called Late-stage)
    $7M and greater
    Private Equity
    Lower Middle Market$10M-$249M
    Middle Market$250M-$499M
    Upper Middle Market$500M-$1B
    Large Cap>$1B

    Investment Team:

    Name   Title
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    Bob Cutlip President and Senior Managing Director
    Bob Marcotte President and Executive Managing Director
    Buzz Cooper Senior Managing Director
    David Dullum Director, President, and Executive Managing Director
    David Gladstone Chairman and CEO


    Portfolio companies include:

      Access Television Network
        web link

      ACME Cryogenics
        web link

      Allison Publications
        web link

        web link

      BAS Broadcasting
        web link

      Cavert Wire
        web link

      Clinton Aluminum
        web link

      Columbus Metal Industries and Triangle Metals
        web link

      Country Club Enterprises
        web link

      Defiance Stamping
        web link

      Galaxy Tool
        web link

      GFRC Cladding Systems
        web link

      Global Material Technologies
        web link

      Heartland Communications
        web link

      International Junior Golf
        web link

      Legend Communications of Wyoming
        web link

      Mathey Dearman
        web link

      Mitchell Rubber Products
        web link

      Newhall Laboratories
        web link

      Noble Logistic Services
        web link

      North American Aircraft
        web link

      Northern Contours
        web link

      Ohana Media Group
        web link

      Packerland Whey Products
        web link

        web link

      Precision Southeast
        web link

      Profit Systems
        web link

        web link

      Reliable Biopharmaceutical
        web link

      Saunders & Associates
        web link

      SBS Industries
        web link

      SOG Specialty Knives & Tools
        web link

      Venyu Solutions
        web link

      WadeCo Specialties


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