PE  Greyrock Capital Group

     Office Locations:

582 Market Street, Suite 1117
San Francisco, CA 94104
Fax: 415-288-0284

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  • Middle Market



  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Manufacturing & Industrial



    Greyrock Capital Group is the manager of GCG Investors, LP and GCG SBIC Investors, LP, a combined $200 million investment partnership. Greyrock provides mezzanine debt and equity to finance buyouts, recapitalizations and internal growth needs of middle-market companies. Formed in 2002, its principals have over 135 years of collective experience, and led a middle-market corporate finance business for Bank of America's Commercial Finance Division and its predecessors. Over a seventeen-year period they have invested subordinated debt and equity in over 100 companies in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, consumer wholesale, building materials, industrial equipment and service businesses. Greyrock's preferred investment size ranges from $3 million to $15 million, targeting companies with revenues of at least $10 million and EBITDA in excess of $2 million. Greyrock invests nationwide through offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Westport, CT.

    Investment Firm Key

       VC = Venture Capital
       PE = Private Equity
       A = Angel
       I = Incubator
       MB = Merchant Bank
       VD = Venture Debt
       FI = Family Investment Office
       FOF = Fund of Funds
       ED = Economic Development Office   
       TT = Technology Transfer Office
       CVC = Corporate Venture Capital
       SEC = Secondary Purchaser
       HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund
    Venture Capital
    Seed Stage
    (includes "pre-seed," or
    concept stage)
    No Revenue
    Early StageMinimal
    Growth Stage
    (also called Mid-stage)
    Expansion Stage
    (also called Late-stage)
    $7M and greater
    Private Equity
    Lower Middle Market$10M-$249M
    Middle Market$250M-$499M
    Upper Middle Market$500M-$1B
    Large Cap>$1B

    Investment Team:

    Name   Title
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    Jeff Birch VP and CFO
    Mark Shufro Founding Partner
    Sam Snyder Vice President
    Stephen Etter Founding Partner
    Steve Dempsey Partner


    Portfolio companies include:

      Alaven Pharmaceutical
        web link

      Allen Technologies
        web link

      Allstar Magnetics
        web link

      Andrews International
        web link

        web link

      Arrowhead Brass Products
        web link

      Backyard Leisure
        web link

      Bock & Clark
        web link

      Brittany Corporation
        web link

      CAPCO Tile & Stone
        web link

      Cherry Creek Tree Farms
        web link

      Collection Associates
        web link

      Data Source
        web link

        web link

      Dickinson Frozen Foods
        web link

      Halo Industries
        web link

      Hunter's Specialities
        web link

      IAB Solutions

      Information Innovators
        web link

      International Imaging Materials
        web link

        web link

        web link

      Monroe Engineering
        web link

      Mountain High Resorts
        web link

      Mozzarella Fresca
        web link

      MWA Intelligence
        web link

      Novolyte Technologies
        web link

        web link

      Paragon Products
        web link

        web link

      Phillips Tile
        web link

      Rennhack Marketing Services
        web link

        web link

      Syrgis Holdings
        web link

      Tecta America
        web link

      Tewa Moulding

      Thomson Plastics

        web link

      Wellington Cordage
        web link

      World Dryer
        web link


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