PE  Holding Capital

     Office Locations:

104 West 40th Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-486-6670x206
Fax: 212-486-0843

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  • Middle Market



  • Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
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    Founded in 1975, Holding Capital has acted as principal in over 200 acquisitions and other investments totaling $3 billion in value, with transaction sizes ranging from $2 - $150 million. Investment types include Common or Preferred investments for Acquisitions, Recapitalization, or Growth. Holding Capital looks for companies in low to medium tech manufacturing, all forms of distribution, value-added service businesses, specialized retail, and food services/franchising businesses. Holding looks for a minimum of $1 million in Free Cash Flow (EBITDA less Sustaining CAPEX) to a maximum of $5 million. The firm invests in U.S.-based companies including their foreign subsidiaries.

    Investment Firm Key

       VC = Venture Capital
       PE = Private Equity
       A = Angel
       I = Incubator
       MB = Merchant Bank
       VD = Venture Debt
       FI = Family Investment Office
       FOF = Fund of Funds
       ED = Economic Development Office   
       TT = Technology Transfer Office
       CVC = Corporate Venture Capital
       SEC = Secondary Purchaser
       HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund
    Venture Capital
    Seed Stage
    (includes "pre-seed," or
    concept stage)
    No Revenue
    Early StageMinimal
    Growth Stage
    (also called Mid-stage)
    Expansion Stage
    (also called Late-stage)
    $7M and greater
    Private Equity
    Lower Middle Market$10M-$249M
    Middle Market$250M-$499M
    Upper Middle Market$500M-$1B
    Large Cap>$1B

    Investment Team:

    Name   Title
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    Andrew Boyd-Jones
    Andrew E. Schultz
    James W. Donaghy
    Linda Boyd-Jones
    Ron E. Ainsworth


    Portfolio companies include:

        web link

      Barcel Wire & Cable
        web link

      Berkeley Contract Packaging
        web link

      ChicagoLand Commissary
        web link

      Da-Tech Corporation
        web link

      Data Protection Solutions
        web link

      Disc Graphics
        web link

      Gourmet Boutique
        web link

      Haskins Electric
        web link

      HCG Energy
        web link

      Illinois Concrete Products
        web link

        web link

        web link

      Jreck Holdings
        web link

      L&S Industries
        web link

      Master Lease of Delaware
        web link

      Metro Franchising
        web link

      Mid Cities Fabrication
        web link

      Mori Lee
        web link

        web link

        web link

      Sleepmaster Holdings
        web link

      Southern States
        web link

      Star-Glo Industries
        web link


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