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     Office Locations:

51 Broadway, Suite 500
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: 701-298-0003
Fax: 701-293-7819

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  • Middle Market



  • Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
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    InvestAmerica is a nationally recognized private equity/venture capital investment management group with over 100 cumulative years of fund management experience. The Principals founded the InvestAmerica brand in 1985 with the establishment of InvestAmerica Venture Group, Inc. Since 1985, the Principals have successfully managed and grown the InvestAmerica related private equity/venture funds with investments throughout the United States. The InvestAmerica group is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with regional offices in Kansas City, Missouri; Vancouver, Washington; Fargo, North Dakota and St. Paul, Minnesota. Since 1985, funds managed by InvestAmerica have provided private equity financing of over $100,000,000 to more than 120 companies. The InvestAmerica group currently manages the following private equity/venture capital funds: L&C Private Equities II, LP, (L&C II), established in 2009; Lewis & Clark Private Equities, LP (LCPE), a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC); North Dakota Small Business Investment Company (NDSBIC), established in 1995, a Debenture SBIC, to make equity investments nationally, with a particular emphasis on the state of North Dakota; MorAmerica Capital Corporation (MACC), established in 1959 and managed by InvestAmerica since 1985; and Invest Northwest, LP (INW), established in 2004 with a focus in Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington. All InvestAmerica related funds invest in middle-market growth and later-stage businesses, diversifying investments by funding portfolio companies across many industries and geographic locations. InvestAmerica funds make investments across a range of manufacturing, service, distribution and technology companies, typically investing $1-$2 million in the first round of financing and acting as a member of a syndicate that may be providing $3-$10 million of financing. InvestAmerica will consider opportunities with particular interest in companies with sales typically ranging from $10 million to $50 million and with strong growth potential. InvestAmerica's funds typically invest in management buyouts, ownership changes and later-stage growth opportunities.

    Investment Firm Key

       VC = Venture Capital
       PE = Private Equity
       A = Angel
       I = Incubator
       MB = Merchant Bank
       VD = Venture Debt
       FI = Family Investment Office
       FOF = Fund of Funds
       ED = Economic Development Office   
       TT = Technology Transfer Office
       CVC = Corporate Venture Capital
       SEC = Secondary Purchaser
       HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund
    Venture Capital
    Seed Stage
    (includes "pre-seed," or
    concept stage)
    No Revenue
    Early StageMinimal
    Growth Stage
    (also called Mid-stage)
    Expansion Stage
    (also called Late-stage)
    $7M and greater
    Private Equity
    Lower Middle Market$10M-$249M
    Middle Market$250M-$499M
    Upper Middle Market$500M-$1B
    Large Cap>$1B

    Investment Team:

    Name   Title
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    David R. Schroder President
    John G. Cosgriff Manager
    Kevin F. Mullane Senior Vice President
    Michael H. Reynoldson Vice President
    Robert A. Comey Executive Vice President


    Portfolio companies include:

      Architectural Art Manufacturing
        web link

      High Sierra Energy
        web link

      Orthman Manufacturing
        web link

      Pacific Star Communications
        web link

      Spectrum Products
        web link


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